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365bet代理WHAT IS PTFE?


PTFE, an industrial plastic, is composed of a long and linear carbon chain saturated with flour atoms. Carbon and flour atoms in the molecular structure offer superior features which no other engineering plastic can due to the very strong chemical bonds between these atoms.




Invented incidentally by an engineer of DuPont, PTFE was found to have superior properties (such as chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction), and was put to market by DuPont under the brand name TEFLON. Subsequently PTFE has become a first-line engineering plastic in many industrial applications such as valves and hydraulic impermeability.


In our country, there are now several producers who import the raw material. However, there are certain factors that result in low PTFE performance.


365bet代理The integrity of the main parameters such as pressure, heat, homogenous distribution are most of the time ignored in the process during which PTFE is manufactured as a semi-finished product from the powder form, resulting in problems in the microstructure that are not visible to the eye.


To overcome these problems, we produce the material under the brand LIFELON® in our mechanical process with the raw material we import from Europe, applying a strict control over the production process from the beginning to the end.